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We offer All Inclusive Fly Fishing Program for fly fishing Bosnian rivers: Ribnik, Pliva, Sana.

– transport for airport Belgrade and Zagreb.

– guiding

– reservation: lux villas, bungalows, rooms and fishing license.

– maximum 4 person,

– special offer forFlies Sets for these rivers and fish

CONTACT: +381641993781 (call, viber, whatsup), 

The River Ribnik (Length 4.5 km – Wide 10-20m – Water depth 20-100cm) is  very accessible for fly fishing because it is so shallow and fishermen can easily cross the river at most locations. It is especially rich in wild grayling, which make up 70-80% of the fish population. It is also rich in capital size grayling which is extremely wild and cunning. It can be caught using dry flies and nymphs – the fish are active all day on a dry fly. Ribnik generally offers experienced fishermen more than 50 actions a day, and provides a good place to learn how to fly fish.

The River Sana (Length 5 km – Wide 10-30m – Water depth 20-100cm). In recent years it has become an equally attractive river with a rich population of grayling . With many channels, broken shallows , deep pockets and pools and after quiet and slow currents, you can find a good population of grayling , lovely brown trout.

The River Pliva (Length 8 km – Wide 10-30m – Water depth 30-250cm) one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Pliva offers fishermen a real challenge when it comes to catching one of its trophy grayling. You can see a lot of trout and grayling in the river. Pliva is very wide and powerful river, where fly fishing is done with rather long leaders, often over 5m long. The length of leader and its size (10 to 12mm) makes fishing more difficult but also interesting. Many wild grayling reach the magic border of 60cm, and this is what attracts the most famous fly fishermen to come and try their luck. It is located near the town Sipovo and it is approximately 6km long.

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